About Our Company

France Graph is the nationwide umbrella company which promotes the advancement of complementary, independent, objective, private cash (financial obligation) recommendations and monetary addition. The company is a signed-up charity, with clear charitable goals.

France Graph serves a subscription of around 150 members covering companies and people drawn from regional authorities, CABx, and other voluntary tasks, who all supply loan suggestions. Other members who are encouraging of our goals consist of Insolvency Practitioners, lender, and financial obligation collection companies.

France Graph presently gets financing from Scottish Federal government and the cash Suggestions Trust to offer training and consultancy services, both which are focused on enhancing both the quality and a number of loan suggestions offered. These services are free of charge to the sector which supplies financial obligation guidance to the public and does not charge a charge.


Other contributions originate from parts of the credit market-- see our most current Effect Report for information. We likewise produce earnings through other activities including our Yearly Conference & Exhibit, Seminars, and other services. These surpluses are tilled back into the company to offer future services.